What To Make With Lamb This Summer

Don't settle for good—go for great at your next summer cookout when you throw this flavorful meat on the grill

What's juicy, versatile and flavorful all over? Hint: It's your new summer grilling staple. When it comes to cookouts, it's easy to rely on old mainstays. But American lamb is about to become your secret weapon. A tasty and tender option, it's also a team player. Ground lamb makes an amazing base for burgers and meatballs, legs of lamb elevate kebabs, and indulgent loin chops and butterflied legs transform humble sides. With so many options, it's hard to narrow down your menu, so we made it easy with these seven standout entrées full of adventurous flavor—all starring American lamb.

Lamb Burgers Loaded with Nachos

Ground American lamb makes for an especially juicy burger—made even better when stuffed with cheese and jalapeños.

Grilled Lamb Meatballs with Baby Potatoes

Also known as kofta, these expertly seasoned balls are one of the easiest grill entrées: Just skewer with baby potatoes and pair with an herb gremolata-style dressing.

Grilled Lamb Lollipops with Salsa Verde

Make your evening even more special by serving up elegant lamb lollipops enhanced with a bright Italian salsa verde. To cut down on prep work, buy your American lamb already "frenched" from the butcher.

Lamb Loin Chops with Green Bean and Potato Salad

This entrée puts a twist on cookout tradition, with juicy medium-rare lamb loin chops and fresh green beans adding a light touch of crunch to potato salad.

Mediterranean Grilled Lamb Leg with Mint Pesto

Get ready to impress your guests. Parsley and mint contrast with the succulence of a grilled leg of American lamb that's sure to be the star of your cookout.

Smoky Grilled Apricot Lamb Kebabs

Like mint, fruit is an ideal choice to pair with the richness of lamb. In these skewers, dried apricots are grilled alongside chunks of lamb and red onion for a unique flavor sensation.

Grilled Lamb Kofta Wraps

In the mood for something light? Serve up a batch of grilled kofta with garden-fresh vegetables and creamy tzatziki in tender butter lettuce cups.