New Peet's Drinks For Summer: Coffee And Tea Fog

With a not-too-sweet taste and rich texture, Peet’s Fogs are a grown-up alternative to that other cold blended coffee drink

Summer is here, and we're updating our standing coffee shop orders to beat the heat. This year, mix things up with a Fog by Peet's. These chilled beverages are aptly named for the rolling fog found in San Francisco, which inspired the unique cascading foam that caps each beverage—picture a perfect pour of Guinness and you'll get the idea. This makes for a drink like no other, bringing an ice cream-like texture (without the dairy!) that feels like a treat but is surprisingly light (starting at just 90 calories), so they won't weigh down the fun this season. You can customize each with your favorite cold brew or iced tea, which brings fresh flavor to the drinking experience. Need help finding your Fog? We're making a match just for you with this flavor-matching guide.

If You Love Creamy Flavors...Try The Coconut Cold Brew Fog

The name says it all: This Fog perfectly captures the subtly sweet notes and full-body taste of coconut. Most importantly? Just close your eyes, and you'll be immediately transported to your favorite beach.

If You Love Fruity Flavors...Try the Wild Berry Hibiscus Tea Fog

With its iced tea base, this one has all the tang of a good fruit juice punch—but without tasting like straight sugar. This is all thanks to the addition of lemonade and honey, which amplify the natural sweetness of the tea blend.

If You Love Herbal Flavors...Try the Matcha Tea Fog

Peet's take on matcha is entirely authentic, with every sip delivering the delicious bright grassy notes you're looking for. The texture is also perfect, with a creamy richness that balances the refreshing natural taste of matcha blended with citrus and a touch of honey.

If You Love Subtly Sweet Flavors...Try the Honey Black Tea Fog

High-quality black tea brings a depth to iced tea—which is exactly what you'll find here. A touch of honey rounds out the flavor without overpowering everything else.

If You Love Tropical Flavors...Try the Green Tea Tropical Tea Fog

A hint of pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors are the ideal match for green tea, building upon the floral notes within the Fog's tea blend. The result is as refreshing as an ocean breeze.