Harlem EatUp's Most Instagrammable Dishes

It’s a feast for the eyes—and taste buds—at Harlem EatUp! (May 14 to May 20), NYC’s most delicious community event

Harlem has more than earned its reputation for being one of the city's best culinary neighborhoods. In fact, it's almost impossible to have a bad meal here, no matter what style of food you're into. The dining scene thrives with a wide variety of small businesses, restaurants, bars and cafés—places where food represents the evolution and progress of the neighborhood along with the diverse cultures that continue to shape Harlem's history. (Check out all of the great dining options in this Guide to Harlem Cuisine.)

One of the best ways to sample everything Harlem has to offer is to check out the Harlem EatUp! Festival, a weeklong event (May 14 to May 20) presented by founding sponsor Citi that celebrates the flavors and history of the neighborhood. Now in its fourth year, the Harlem EatUp! Festival represents Citi's dedication to helping small businesses in Harlem (and beyond) reach their goals and become key parts of their communities.

This year's event features a wide range of activities, including live food demonstrations, samples from the neighborhood's best restaurants and food makers, live music, and works by local artists. The event also includes the signature Dine In series, a multi-night and multi-room dinner party featuring collaborations between Harlem's best chefs and nationally acclaimed guest chefs. Exclusive to the event are Citi's Market Tent, where you can try fare from Harlem's Agaveria La Diagonal and Renaissance Harlem. There's also the Citi Cardholder Lounge, a comfortable space where you can enjoy sorbet from Marcus Samuelsson, along with treats from Harlem's Melba's and Charles Pan Fried Chicken, and cocktails from local mixologists.

Outside of the Harlem EatUp! Festival, explore everything the neighborhood has to offer with Citi's Guide to Harlem Cuisine. This illustrated map reveals some of the best places to eat and drink, from old-school soul food restaurants to confectionaries and everything in between.

No matter what you're craving, you'll find it in Harlem—and to help you plan your visit, we've rounded up the most Instagrammable dishes from the Harlem EatUp! Festival. From ice cream sandwiches to monkfish croquettes, these dishes beautifully represent the kind of fare you'll find at this unique event.