Best Recipes To Pair With Riesling Wine

Recipes to complement Germany’s most versatile wine

Riesling is known as Germany's "most noble grape" for a reason: It's capable of transforming into a wider range of wine styles than any other varietal. Crisp and refreshing, delicate and floral, or lusciously sweet, German Rieslings hit all the palate points, no matter what you're craving. Many argue that of all the white grapes, Riesling has the best ability to express terroir, or the soil of the vines.

With a multitude of unique styles, Rieslings can work with a wide swath of dishes. Try the below and you're guaranteed some serious power pairings.

Dry Bar

If you like dry wine, sip Riesling Trocken (German for "dry"), with crisp notes that make for perfect pairings will all kinds of food, like Sheet Pan Snapper with Potatoes and Fennel or Spring Chicken Fricassee, which is packed with veggies and herbs.

Ripe for the Drinkin'

Riesling Kabinett, a style of Riesling produced from fully ripened grapes, pairs with lighter and spicier dishes due to its lower alcohol content and fruit-forward palate. Try it with a rich Filipino Pork Adobo, cooked low and slow with a tropical mango salsa, or a Spicy Squid Salad that's cool in temperature but fiery in flavor.

Full on Flavor

When Riesling grapes achieve full ripeness in the late harvest, they are picked to produce Riesling Spätlese, a style distinguished by the unique balance of residual sugar and high acidity that gives the wines a zippy liveliness. For something a little heartier, pair it with sweet and spicy Grilled Jalapeño–Honey Chicken Wings or Spaghetti with Clams and Green Olives, a salty and savory dish with a touch of crushed red pepper.

Save Room for Dessert

Riesling Auslese, made from grapes picked from selected very ripe bunches in the autumn, presents a rich style of wine that is best matched with luscious desserts like a Citrus–Almond Tart, constructed with oranges and grapefruit, or Lemon–Thyme Bars, which get a hint of savory je ne sais quois from thyme leaves.