Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Let the tie rack get rusty: This year, we went straight to the source to find out what Dad really wants. Many hilarious text exchanges later, here are 28 gift ideas for Father's Day, as told by actual dads.

For the Dad Who's on a Liquid Diet

He's got a craft beer in one hand, wine opener in the other, and if he had a third, you know it'd be occupied by a mug (with your picture on it) of single-origin coffee. Stock his bar with a whole summer's worth of drinking necessities—plus everything he'll need to stay hydrated.

For the Dad Who'd Rather Be Camping

Sure, you believe him when he tells you how much he loved raising you, but you know he secretly wishes he lived the Thoreau life. Gear him up for life's adventures with outdoor equipment, portable essentials and more.

For the Dad Who's Always in the Kitchen

It's tough to say who gets the better end of the deal when Dad goes on culinary ventures—your father, for the joy he gets from cooking, or you, for playing guinea pig to his (mostly) delicious endeavors. Keep him supplied with a steady flow of treats, because the only thing better than mealtime is snack time.

For the Dad Who Secretly Wants to Go Pro

Remember that time you found him in his room, staring dreamily at the closet where he keeps that old Barry Bonds jersey stashed? Yeah, you don't talk about that. What you can discuss, though, is a Fitbit-inspired step competition, a rousing round of golf and his latest attempts to crush it at the gym.

For the Dad Who Moonlights in Philosophy

Some dads insist they have everything or just prefer to focus on life's grander plans: you know, like world peace and all. But even the highest of minds can appreciate a touch of materialism now and then—it's OK, we won't tell Nietzsche.