Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2017

You rolled your eyes at her when she kissed you goodbye at middle school and refused to eat anything green she fed you for two long years. But she'll always be Mom, which means she loves you despite all that. This year, we're taking inspiration from TV moms to deck out the superstars in our real lives.

They're close competition with the macaroni necklace you made in preschool, but these are the 30 gifts that'll really say it all.

For the Mom Who's New on the Job

In your friend group, someone has to be the first to venture into the unchartered territory of motherhood. And in this season's TV world plot twist, it was Lena Dunham's character in Girls. Load up the new mom in your life for the days ahead with coffee, cooking gear and more coffee.

For the Mom Who's Your Best Friend

Where she leads, you will follow. Just like the stars of Gilmore Girls, the ultimate mother-daughter show, the two of you are inseparable. Say thanks for all the dinner dates and movie nights with one of these six gifts—which all just happen to be shareable.

For the Mom Who Cooks with Wine

She'd rather entertain than cook, speaks her mind and is never too far from the bar cart, dreaming up her next batch cocktail. Sure, she's not as extreme as Lucille Bluth, but the lovable Arrested Development character never ceases to make us laugh—and is always there for her family.

For the Mom Who Needs Some Love

Marge Simpson, in all her blue-haired glory, always knows best—despite being constantly ignored by her family members. You hate to admit it, but Mom was right that time she told you to think before bleaching your hair . . . and about 700 other instances since then.

For the Mom Who Could Use a Break

Even the ultimate matriarch, like Empire's Cookie Lyon, needs a day off. Because mother might know best, but only you know how much she could truly use a rest from being an actual superhero around the clock.