What To Eat With Margaritas

Margaritas play well with more than Mexican food

Tequila's favorite cocktail, the margarita, pairs well with foods from all over the world, including bright and flavorful dishes from India, Thailand and more. And—good news for you!—Cayman Jack cocktails makes a premium prepared margarita that's a versatile complement to international cuisines.

So if you're looking to shake up your margarita routine, remember two key rules: Lime serves as the perfect foil to spicy dishes, and tequila augments smoky foods. Here are some of our favorite unexpected foods to pair with Cayman Jack Margaritas.

Love Mole? Try Curry

Indian curries work well with margaritas for the same reason Mexican moles do: The complex, spicy, earthy flavors stand up to the tartness of the drink. And whether you're cooking or ordering takeout, when it comes to matching curry with margs, the spicier the better.

Ceviche + Margaritas = Citrus Heaven

It's hard to beat a frosty margarita served with some Hawaii poke on the side, but if you're looking to switch things up, citrusy ceviche makes a great alternative. This raw fish dish can be served on its own as a light happy hour snack or heaped over rice for a complete meal. To satisfy that guacamole itch, just add sliced avocado on top.

Let the Gumbo Times Roll

Spicy, earthy Cajun food goes great with margaritas; in particular, gumbo draws upon some of the same smoky–spicy flavors as chili. Serve your gumbo over rice with plenty of Louisiana–style hot sauce and wash it down with an ice–cold margarita.

Try Thai

A great salsa is an exercise in balance: heat, sweetness, acidity and salt. The same is true of Thailand's famous green papaya salads, with the shredded fruit mellowing the fiery heat of the chiles. Margaritas are actually great with most Thai food, so start with the salad and move on to pad Thai, curries, grilled meats and more.

The Perfect Pairing: Cayman Jack Margaritas

Whatever global cuisine strikes your fancy, make sure you have handcrafted Cayman Jack Margaritas on hand. Thanks to organic limes and 100 percent blue agave nectar, you can complement any flavor profile you're craving. And the best part? You'll get to skip the task of squeezing limes and get right to the fun part: swigging quality margaritas with amazing food.