New Tequila Trends You Need To Know

Here's what's hot in the world of tequila beyond margaritas and shots

Long gone are the days when the options for drinking tequila were limited to just "frozen" and "rocks." These days, chefs and bartenders across the country are devising new and inventive ways to drink this warm–weather favorite. From revisiting classic tequila cocktails to concocting boozy slushies to actually cooking with the stuff, it's safe to say tequila is trending—and trending hard.

Here are some of the hottest new trends in the world of tequila, presented by Cayman Jack cocktails.

Beyond the Margarita

There's a whole wide world of tequila cocktails out there, and they're starting to get a lot more attention. Try a Jalisco Mule—a Moscow Mule made with, you guessed it, tequila—or a Mexican–influenced julep, made with cilantro and agave syrup.

Premium Prepared Cocktails

Prepared drinks can be just as high quality as made–to–order ones. Cayman Jack cocktails makes handcrafted margaritas with 100 percent blue agave nectar, making them a fantastic on–the–go option. Don't be surprised if you see them in coolers all summer long.

Cook with Tequila

When used in sweet and savory dishes, tequila adds great flavor to everything from cakes to meat marinades. For an easy foray into cooking with tequila, try these boozy watermelon–lime–mint pops.

Get an Upgrade

A straightforward margarita is a thing of beauty, but a little glitz and glam never hurt anyone. Try dolling up the classic cocktail by mixing chile powder or orange zest into the rim salt, or adding a cava floater. There's no shortage of ways to get creative—check out this list for more inspiration.

Boozy Slushies

Tequila is front and center of the boozy slushie craze, which shows no signs of letting up. Sure, there's the OG frozen margarita, but any number of tequila–based cocktails can be frozen: Favorites like the Jalisco Mule make fantastic slushies.