Easter Gift Guide 2017

All the treats, tabletop items and host gifts you could possibly need for Easter

Skip the Easter egg hunt this year—we've already found everything you need to make the perfect basket. From adorable homemade marshmallow chicks to the smartest (yes, really) ice cream bowl we've ever seen, these are the 20 treats, tabletop items and host gifts that will help you rule the roost.

Chocolate and Candy

There's one thing you can always count on for Easter: that plastic green grass you somehow still find between the couch pillows come September. As for what goes on top of it, this year we're straying from tired perennial hits in favor of Oreo-and-marshmallow-filled chocolate eggs, floral truffles and more.


All that spring-cleaning you did just means there's room for a refresh on your serving pieces. Feather the nest with these seven picks, which you can keep using long after you eat the last chocolate egg.

Host Gifts

Always follow the cardinal rule of partygoing. No, not the one about keeping spontaneous dance battles to a minimum. We mean the one that says you should never show up empty-handed. These seven gifts will guarantee you an invite back next year . . . and might even score you an extra serving of dessert.