Easy Backyard Spring Picnic Menu

Those colorful flowers, chirping birds and rays of sunshine can mean only one thing: Your backyard's getting its groove back. So break out that picnic basket and amp up your alfresco game with elevated seasonal recipes, including a light and bubbly rhubarb cocktail, ultra–easy hummus, a hearty chicken sandwich and a dessert that gives a childhood classic a whole new spin.

Celebrate spring with a breezy banquet under a shady umbrella. Here are six ways to create an unforgettable fresh–air feast with help from our partner, IKEA®.

Rhubarb Refresh

Say salud to spring with a fizzy pink cocktail that's made with one of the season's spotlight flavors: rhubarb. This spritzer is both sweet and tart, striking the perfect balance for sipping. Watch the video.

Set the Scene

Play with prints to create an eye–popping picnic spot. Soft pillows and throws from IKEA® make for an inviting spring scene.

Dip It

Mix up this ultra–easy hummus recipe, which is perfect for dipping warm pita. For extra seasonality flavor, add puréed sweet peas or carrots. Watch the video.

Spring Chicken

Serve up the ultimate crowd–pleaser: a crispy fried chicken sandwich. This version is paired with a soft potato roll, spicy sauce and crunchy vegetable slaw, creating the perfect crunchy, creamy, spicy, salty and sweet combo.

Throw Some Shade

Sun's out; fun's out. Protect yourself from those UV rays when you dine with an IKEA® umbrella.

We're Jammin'

A kid classic grows up: These peanut butter thumbprint cookies are topped with seasonal strawberry jam.