The Best Spring Vegetable Pasta Recipes

Step aside, tulips, daisies and daffodils. Make room for spring's true garden stars: crisp asparagus, crunchy carrots and sweet peas. With warmer temperatures comes a rainbow of veggies and host of fresh ingredients. So deck out your next pasta dish with the finest flavors of the season, whether you prefer a twirled forkful of linguine or a bowlful of cheesy ravioli.

Colorful pastas deserve a presentation to match. Be sure to serve your dishes in unique tableware that adds personality and a pop of color to your spread. Here are seven ways to add zest to your next pasta night, with help from our partner, IKEA®.

Carrot Top

This vibrant recipe is the ultimate carrot trifecta: pickled carrots, carrot pesto and fresh carrot tops. A generous sprinkle of Parmesan creates an even earthier linguine feast.

Pop of Color

Present your favorite spring pasta recipes in IKEA®bowls and plates with plenty of character, intricate details and a variety of seasonal shades.

Peas, Please

Put some spring in your step with a savory pea shoot pesto and tender cavatelli. The bright lemon and spicy chile flakes give the pesto an extra kick.

Mac and Cheese Makeover

Add Austrian inspiration to your spring menu with spaetzle, or egg noodles. With Gruyère, asparagus, herbs and peas, this dish is both rich and zingy.

All in the Details

Elevate your dining experience by adding details to your spread—a stylish tablecloth from IKEA® is a colorful, vibrant foundation for any springtime meal.

Light and Bright

Trade your cheese–stuffed ravioli for a sweet pea purée. The pillows of pasta pair nicely with chunks of luscious lobster and lobster stock.

Hello, Springtime

Gather your garden greens and whip up this easy orecchiette with spicy sausage, asparagus and a touch of lemon zest. Watch the video.