Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2017

30 gifts for your number one

Cupid's calling: He wants that sad cardboard box of chocolates back. This year, we're seeking inspiration from Biz Markie, the Beatles and Beyoncé to help you be a Valentine's Day hero. Here are 30 curated gifts, perfect no matter who you're calling honey.

Whether by choice or strung along like in Biz Markie's one-hit-wonder, the two of you just aren't meant to endure a couple's massage together. But that doesn't mean true friendship shouldn't be cherished—or commemorated with gifts.

Dating your best friend's ex? Third cousin once removed? Some relationships are best kept under wraps. The real meaning of this Beatles classic is open for interpretation, and so are the glances you and your lover steal from across the office.

There's nothing like the start of a fling in all its sweaty-palmed, awkward-first-kiss glory. So what to do for a newly minted beau? Love's got you looking so crazy right now, but you still have to do something for the holiday. We suggest snacks.

The honeymoon phase may be long gone, but there's no relationship rut here as long as Al Green gets a say in things. Prove you're in this for the long haul with a gift that'll outlast a box of conversation hearts.

Whitney Houston, take the wheel. The late songstress's classic hit not only describes how you view your loved one, but it's also how they'll feel when they open the perfect tea kettle or box of hilariously delicious chocolates.