6 Gin Cocktails For Summer

Looking for a refreshing respite from the sweltering stickiness of the season? A crisp gin libation is just what you need to survive the dog days of summer. Floral, fruit-forward and ultra versatile, NOLET'S Silver Gin will let you flex a range of cocktail creativity that goes beyond even the most beloved G&T.

These six drinks promise to keep you cool as a cucumber—in one case, with muddled cucumber—as the heat and humidity ramp up.

Cucumber Gimlet

With gin, lime juice and simple syrup, the gimlet is always an amazing summer drink. Amp up the classic with muddled cucumber, which adds a light, fresh vegetal layer.

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Gin and Jam

A spoonful of preserves makes the drink go down—at least, that's the theory behind this laid-back cocktail. Your favorite jam is an excellent complement to a straightforward base of gin, lemon juice and simple syrup.

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Gin Fizz

The Gin Fizz may intimidate mixology newbies, but there are a few easy ways to master the delicate drink. This recipe, with lemon, lime and orange-blossom water, is a delightful and effervescent ode to citrus.

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NOLET'S Silver Gin

Redefine your summer cocktails with the unique, refreshing taste of NOLET'S Silver Gin. Floral and fruit forward with hints of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry, it will inspire you to mix up your favorite drinks this season. 

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Gin and Rose Sangria

A large batch of sangria is never a bad idea when you're entertaining a crew. This one, with rosé and gin, is sure to delight and surprise anyone who normally equates the punch-bowl cocktail with red wine.

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Gin and Chartreuse

Chartreuse, a French liqueur, has hundreds of herbs and spices, and when it's mixed with gin, the results is a sweet and complex cocktail. Plus, the show-stopping bright-green hue will wow guests. 

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Porch Swing Sipper

What is it about a porch swing that epitomizes kicking back and relaxing without a care in the world? If that's your idea of summer bliss, the exhilarating Porch Swing Slipper, made with raspberry and chamomile syrup, will help get you there.

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