Classic Homemade Jams With A Twist

Make the most of summer's bounty with homemade jams you've never thought of

Turning summer fruits into homemade jams is one of the most satisfying ways to prolong the season. So you'll want to spread your favorite jams on everything from toast to pancakes, as well as serve them alongside cheese plates and on top of anything that comes off the grill.

Instead of sticking to the basics this year, however, think outside the jar. Go spicy, savory or even sour for unique jams that will make summer truly memorable. Why settle for ordinary when you can make something extraordinary?


What better way to make the most of wilting herbs or vegetables? This jam dresses up everything from meat dishes to cheese plates.

Rhubarb Beer

A robust hoppy flavor matches rhubarb's tartness for a spread you'll want to use on everything.


This vibrant, citrusy creation packs a serious punch and is a great way to use this tough and tangy fruit.

Raspberry with Rose

Make your traditional raspberry jam sparkle with leftover rosé, since you probably already have a bottle on hand.

Wild Blackberry and Sage

Think outside the jar with the unique flavors of Wild Blackberry and Sage organic black tea from Pure Leaf Tea House Collection. Expertly crafted teas are the perfect complement to an unexpected summer.

Slow-Cooked Onion

Caramelized onions mixed with herbs create a savory jam that you'll want by your side at all times during grilling season.

Plum with Thyme and Chile de Arbol

This spicy and floral combo with hints of orange is delightfully dynamic and will keep you coming back for more.