It's An Honor To Be Nom-Nominated

How to put movie magic into your Oscar night menu

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, which means it's time to start planning your Oscars party menu. Whether it's a party of one-featuring only you, glued to your sofa with no distractions from the start of the red carpet until Best Picture is announced-or a larger crew betting on the winners, the night will be a long one. It's all about endurance on Oscars night, so stock up on ample appetizers, cocktails and snacks. You're going to need them.

This year's nominated movies feature some epic food scenes. So to really get in the spirit, here are eight dishes to serve on Sunday based on some of our favorite contenders.

Steak Tartare for 'The Revenant'

Start the night off big by channeling the actor everyone will be watching: Leonardo DiCaprio. Is this finally Leo's year? Eat some raw meat in solidarity with Hugh Glass, his character in The Revenant.

Brandy Milk Punch for 'Mad Max'

You're going to want something alcoholic, and while the mother's milk from Mad Max isn't quite right, we think this recipe is an appropriate way to channel the rip-roaring film. Drink up.

iSi Tempura for 'The Big Short'

Throw some colorful veggies on your spread with this easier-than-it-looks tempura recipe. Steve Carell's character has a couple of "aha" (or rather "oh shit") moments throughout The Big Short, but it's during his dinner at a flashy Japanese restaurant when he finally really realizes what trouble the housing market is in.

Creamed Kohlrabi and Spinach for 'Carol'

This is a classic take on creamed spinach, featured in the sexual-tension-fueled lunch scene between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in Carol. The pair dine on creamed spinach, poached eggs and martinis, if you're looking to complete the perfectly retro meal.

Oat Porridge Bread for 'Star Wars'

We'd be remiss if we didn't honor Star Wars: The Force Awakens, perhaps the most anticipated movie of the decade. Channel Rey's portion bread and serve this rustic loaf as a side all night.

Red Sauce with Spaghetti for 'Brooklyn'

When you're over appetizers and ready to move on to something substantial, turn to a big bowl of spaghetti with any one of these five red sauces. You're eating pasta in honor of Brooklyn's spontaneous and natural Italian family dinner scene, for which main Irish character Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) practices twirling noodles correctly to make sure she fits in.

Spanish Potatoes for 'The Martian'

Matt Damon wishes he had these zesty, crispy potatoes on Mars with him. Since carbs are definitely back, add a side of potatoes to your pasta. Tonight is about endurance, remember?

Chocolate Layer Cake for 'Room'

While it's a far cry from the cake in the emotionally poignant birthday scene in Room, this decadent chocolate cake is a grand way to top off your movie-themed feast. Wash it down with the rest of your milk punch.