The Best Foods To Eat For A Hangover

The 7 foods that pave the way for post-NYE recovery

With all the excitement that New Year's Eve brings, it's easy to go too hard in the paint as far as adult beverages are concerned. But like most ailments, a proper meal can cure all. Here are seven foods to cure that hangover-one for each of the deadly sins you committed last night.

Fried Egg Sandwich with Potato and Romesco

Eggs are your answer when it comes to liver rehabilitation—some go so far as to drink raw yolks, Rocky-style. For those who prefer their eggs cooked (specifically, perfectly fried), make this potato-egg sandwich and slather it with spicy romesco.

The Ultimate Seafood Bloody Mary

Some people believe that the best cure for a hangover is a little more alcohol. We salute you and give you a briny oyster- and prawn-powered hair of the dog to help put all those electrolytes back into your body.

Apple and Ginger Chaser

For those who can't even think about stomaching more booze, this juice "chaser" is for you. Despite its name, there's no need to precede it with a shot—you got enough practice knocking those back last night anyway.

Bacon-Boosted Patty Melt

See that melty cheese? Just looking at it is clearing our heads already. Zoom out and you'll get to the beef patty, which is hiding juicy pieces of bacon. Then zoom back in and appreciate the cheese all over again.

Extra-Large Chocolate Chip Cookies

There's more to hangover relief than grease and fried food. Sugar can help relieve your symptoms, so a cookie the size of a toddler's head should help lift the fog.

Potato Rosti

When you're suffering from the Irish flu, few things sound better than a bed of fried potatoes. As long as you have enough energy to shred a few spuds, you're on your way to your own giant potato pancake.

Breakfast Pasta

Is it breakfast? Is it dinner? When you wake up at 4 p.m. with a pounding headache, labels just don't even matter anymore, especially when it comes to this fried egg-topped fettuccine.