Tonguespank Spice Company | Chicago

These new spice blends will give your tongue a smack

Pain can be good. Sometimes.

We're talking the burn of great spicy food, which Tonguespank Spice Company hopes to deliver on-demand.

The Chicago spice company blasted through its Kickstarter goal earlier this year and is now bringing a burst of heat, with a smooth boozy finish, directly to your mouth in five different flavors.

"We're all about making exciting versions of boring food," explains founder Zack Jordan, who soaks all of his spices, including the hot peppers, in spirits like bourbon, grappa and rum to deepen their flavor.

When the tiny corks come off, be prepared for a jolt: The Garlic Grappa blend, delicious atop roasted vegetables, pasta or fish, has a haba├▒ero kick combined with the stimulating flavor of rosemary and marjoram.

Deep red Citrus Rum combines hot peppers with orange and lemon peel, Pacific sea salt and Jamaican rum to create one of the best popcorn toppers we've tasted; it's also great on eggs.

And if you really want to bring the heat, the Scorpion Bourbon blend uses Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, some of the hottest in the world. Masochists will love it; it's a little too intense for us.

Next for the company: a collaboration with Koval Distillery in Ravenswood, which will be Tonguespank's local spirits provider. Single-barrel burn, anyone?