Chicago City Guide

There's never been a better time to eat in Chicago

Chicago's got more going for it than hot dogs and deep dish. Maybe you've heard of this little place Alinea. Or the tiny Macanese joint making a national stir.

With culinary talent in every arena, the city's in the throes of an opening spree, with new chefs, butchers, bakers, charcuterie-makers and brewers popping up nearly every week. It's a food scene so robust that we decided to launch our first Tasting Table Open Market there, in fact.

Follow our guide to restaurants, bars and shops for a taste of the Third Coast's robust culinary riches–from gutsy Korean mash-ups and farmer's market Greek to new-school butchers and gin cocktails served in sight of the still. It's a mix of newcomers and standbys, each worth a visit right now. And take note: We'll be updating it monthly.

The only downside: It'll take far more than a single trip to hit them all.