San Francisco City Guide

Where to eat, drink and shop in San Francisco

For our second installment of our City Guides–designed to give you a snapshot of where to eat while you're traveling to some of our favorite American cities–we're heading west, to the City by the Bay.

We'll say this for San Francisco: It's almost impossible to have a bad meal there. The concentration of talent is so dense, and the ingredients from farms so good, that both cooks and diners can demand the best, whether dining out or cooking at home. The produce alone can transform a regular old burrito into a revelation.

In fact, San Franciscans pride themselves on being obsessive about food. Restaurants are the like the city's second baseball team–and chefs like Nancy Oakes at Boulevard or Craig Stoll at Delfina the starting pitchers.

Check out the guide to find classic restaurants and new; California cuisine in the Alice Waters model, as well as hybrid takes in shades of Mexican and Chinese.

Got a local favorite? Let us know. In the meantime, happy eating.