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Humble Cup provides pour-over coffee in a tiny package

Ever look at an invention and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

That's how we felt when we first spied Humble Cup (five packets for $15), a clever portable brewing system created by Leon Li, a local barista and coffee importer, and business partner Sonny Mediana, the owner of Arcadia's Taza Coffee.

Their product works like this: Rip open the foil packet and pull out the single serving of roasted ground coffee in a paper filter/dripper that resembles a tea bag outfitted with tiny wings. Perch it over your coffee cup, pour hot water over the top slowly, and boom, instant third-wave coffee.

When you're finished, just toss the compostable bag.

Not only can you skip all the equipment necessary for a traditional pour-over, Humble Cup is compact and low-tech enough to bring anywhere. The TSA will even let you brew a cup mid-flight.

DIY Pour-over (Photo: Listen and Breathe)

Turns out Li was originally inspired by similar contraptions he'd seen while traveling through Japan, though many of those used low-quality coffee grounds. In designing his version, he teamed up with Little Tokyo-based roasters Suits and Knives, who are currently in the process of setting up a wholesale service for their dark, complex beans. The final result is an impeccably flavorful cup of coffee stripped of all pomp and circumstance.

Hey, whatever gets that delicious caffeine into our system faster.

Find Humble Cup at local coffee bars, such as Taza, Café Dulce, Barista Society and Cognescenti Coffee.