Bergerac Bar SoMa Russell Davis | Tasting Table San Francisco

TV Bar Star Russell Davis takes on the most lowbrow of cocktails

Until cocktail maestro Thad Vogler opened Bar Agricole, the drinks on SOMA's 11th Street were little more than shots poured from well spirits (and we all know where those get you).

At the new Bergerac, bar director Russell Davis, co-star of Spike TV's Bar Rescue, is straddling both worlds, serving craft cocktails with hand-cut ice as well as inspired shot drinks.

Really good ones. Our favorites:

The Butterscotch Telecaster ($8) arrives as a frozen shot of green Chartreuse with a short chaser of Dang Butterscotch Root Beer–a botanical tasting trip from leaf to root.

The Vesper Bomb at Bergerac (Photo: Natalie Darville)

Order the Vesper Bomb ($7) and you'll receive a glass of ginger beer with an inverted shot glass of Fernet inside. "You don't lose the fizz of the ginger beer until the glass is pulled out," explains Davis.

The surprisingly delicious Fireball Inside Her ($7) gives the sparkle of hard apple cider a cinnamon-bourbon hit of Fireball Whiskey. The result is like drinking a candy apple in a frozen glass.

If you and your friends are serious thrill seekers, order ten: The bartender will line up the drinks and blow a burst of fire at them, making the whiskey shots fall into the cider like dominoes.

Craft cocktails just got a shot to the arm garter.