Sri-Rancha From Top Chef's Richard Blais

The Top Chef puts Sriracha in his ranch dressing

You never know when the lightning bolt of culinary inspiration will strike.

Sometimes it's the result of thoughtful experimentation.

And sometimes someone just squirts something into some other thing, sticks an onion ring (see the recipe) into it and—voilà—a highly craveable, so-stupid-it's-kinda-genius classic condiment remix is born.

This is how it went down for spiky-haired Atlanta chef and Top Chef star Richard Blais.

"One day in the kitchen, I had a wiseass cook who was like, 'Chef, I just squirted some Sriracha into ranch dressing,'" the former cheftestant recalls. "And I was like—genius! You just created Sri-Rancha!"

Make addictive Sri-Rancha to slather over fried onion rings.


Blais liked the pink stuff (see the recipe) so much he uses it on all manner of fried stuff, raw vegetables and wherever a heady hit of hot-but-cool-creaminess is required.

Blais stopped by our Test Kitchen to show us just how easy—and addictive—Sri-Rancha is (see the video).

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