Bake With Danny Macaroons At Tasting Table

Bake macaroons with Danny Macaroons


Dan Cohen (a.k.a Danny Macaroons) has had it up to here with French macarons.

Those delicate, candy-colored media darlings "are getting all the attention and causing all this confusion about what a macaroon is. Or is not." he declares in his new book, The Macaroon Bible ($18), which arrives on shelves on September 24.

Cohen flies the flag for American coconut-based macaroons, which are naturally gluten-free, a staple on the Jewish holiday calendar and spelled with that crucial double "o."

His versions redefine the traditional macaroon with flavors such as salted caramel, red velvet and bourbon. Since 2010, Cohen's macaroons have been picked up by a host of coffee shops around town–and have snagged the People's Choice Award at Smorgasburg.

Now you can master the extra "o," too: On Monday, September 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Tasting Table readers are invited to join Danny in our Test Kitchen & Dining Room in Soho for an interactive macaroon workshop ($50 plus tax; purchase a ticket here) that includes small bites, cocktails and a signed copy of The Macaroon Bible. Guests will learn to make chocolate stout macaroons as well as macaroon sandwiches–as a wink to the Frenchified cookie.

We snagged an advance copy of the recipe for the jazzy macaroon sandwiches (get the recipe). Stuffed with a variety of fillings (peanut butter, fluff, lemon curd and raspberry jam), these sandwich cookies prove old-school coconut macaroons deserve our respect.