Delilah's Bar In Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park's whiskey bar turns 20 and celebrates with a custom Compass Box blend

Among the city's whiskey bars, Delilah's is a venerable queen–and she just celebrated her 20th birthday.

The dark, punk rock den of drams welcomes a diverse crowd, some drawn by the vibe, others by the nearly 500-deep whiskey list and the admirable selection of brews.

In honor of its anniversary, Delilah's owner–whiskey savant Mike Miller–concocted a drinkable gift: a limited edition blended Scotch made in collaboration with Compass Box (available both at the bar and Binny's).

Creating "something that tastes like Scotch and finishes like bourbon," was his goal, says Miller.

Mission accomplished. Dubbed simply "Delilah's," the special release is a blend of single malts whose combined flavor profile offers a curt, compelling bite. The New World surprise comes in the finish: Its residual flavor is reminiscent of bourbon, courtesy of an aging session in American oak casks.

The whisky sips well on its own, but Miller also recommends taking it as a shot with a beer. Like his bar, his drinking rituals are pretense-free.

"We made a whisky approachable to everyone," Miller says. "Some folks started off as 21-year-old art students drinking PBR at punk rock Mondays. Ten years later, they come back with a job and they're drinking Scotch."

Find Delilah's whiskey at Binny's ($60 for 750 ml) or by the 1-ounce pour ($9) at Delilah's.