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Michael White's The Butterfly lands in Tribeca

On this particular trip on the cocktail carousel, "classic" has more in common with Dad's shag-carpeted rec room libations than with speakeasy joints manned by arm-gartered bartenders.

To see what we mean, hop off the merry-go-round at Michael White's latest concept, The Butterfly in Tribeca.

White has infused the space with a stylish take on his Wisconsin memories (and a retro-delicious menu of patty melts and sundaes to match), while cocktail whiz Eben Freeman turns those reminiscences into 10 easy-drinking beverages.

Start with the Brandy Old Fashioned ($13), the unofficial state drink of Wisco. The embodiment at The Butterfly uses sous vide magic to make a oleo saccharum, and is mixed with Korbel Brandy, club soda and all-natural Maraschino cherries. Much like the bourbon, maple and lemon-fresh Whiskey Sour ($14), these are cocktails that smack of Americana and "go down without a fight," as Freeman says.

Drink one, and a second round of orders is all but guaranteed.

It's not just the drinks that make The Butterfly a destination: A big dash of Midwestern nice seems to have gone to the entire staff's heads. The waiters are genuinely friendly, the soundtrack is extra-snappy, and shrimp toast ($12) with sweet-and-sour sauce is especially gratifying.