Red Bread

Farmers' market favorite Red Bread opens up shop in Culver City

Is there anything Rose Lawrence can't do?

Between baking organic pastries, canning locally sourced jams and pickles, and delivering weekly loaves of fresh-baked bread via bicycle, the owner of Red Bread is on a personal mission to transform Westside pantries.

Lawrence and her husband, David, have long held a presence at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, where they sell out almost every week. With their new brick-and-mortar bakery and café in Culver City, the couple hopes to spread the gospel of wholesome baked goods even further.

Gather a few friends for breakfast to enjoy the café's tea service for four ($50), which includes a wide selection of the day's pastries and sandwiches: cracked oatmeal cookies studded with TCHO chocolate ($2), fig-filled "jammy newtons" ($2), soft Montreal-style bagels ($3), French toast challah ($3), and soft sourdough tartines topped with house-cured gravlax or bacon ($7).

Don't leave without trying the old-world Russian black bread ($10), made from an intriguing mix of rye and whole-wheat flour, molasses, ground coffee, bitter chocolate and apple cider vinegar. The hearty, all-purpose bread, fermented with a natural leaven and dusted with fennel and caraway seeds, trumps every pumpernickel we've tasted.

Let us never be without a loaf again.