Juice Bars, The Miami Way

Juice Bars, the Miami Way

As usual, the juice craze hit Miami later than in other cities. Now fresh-pressed mania is on, as juice spots open across town as reliably as palm fronds fall from trees in a summer storm.

We're already bored of talk of cold-press and colons. We want our juices pleasurable and well balanced, like expertly made cocktails. We found three that capture the essence of summer in a drink. Break out the straws:

Super Green Smoothie at Ten Fruits ($9 for 16 oz.): The creamy avocado-and-almond milkshake sprinkled with chia seeds refreshes and satiates. Spinach lends a grassy note, but the drink is more sweet than savory.

Brazilian Garapa at Guarapo Organic Juice Bar ($6 for 20 oz.): Freshly extracted sugarcane juice is the specialty here. In the garapa, passion-fruit and carrot juice turn cane juice into the best kind of remedy for midsummer torpor.

Thai Cocotaso at Jugofresh ($8.50 for 8 oz.): "Cocotaso" is Spanish slang for a wallop to the head. JugoFresh's drink jolts with an intense combination of coconut milk and pulp, pineapple, romaine, basil, cilantro and the creeping heat of jalapeƱo. This cocotaso is the best weapon against that blanket of humidity outside.