Red Velvet Pancake Mix From The Buttermilk Truck

Buttermilk Truck brings its red velvet pancake mix to your kitchen

No one wants to track down a food truck while in a bathrobe.

That's why Los Angeles' Buttermilk Truck, known for serving nostalgia-minded breakfast dishes all day, has its sights set on your breakfast pantry.

Owner and pastry chef Gigi Pascual has taken miniature red velvet pancakes, one of her truck's most popular dishes, and condensed them into a handy, make-at-home dry mix ($11 for 24 ounces). All that's required is some buttermilk, a little oil and an egg.

As you might guess from the vibrant red batter, these are not ordinary pancakes. They nicely balance the bitter chocolate flavor and luscious density found in the classic Southern cake, all while remaining exceptionally moist.

The mix can also be used for brownies, waffles and, dare we say it, batter for fried chicken.

Of course, it's hard to beat the mix's original use: fluffy red pancakes topped with a dollop of whipped cream cheese and a dusting of powdered sugar.