Travel Apps For Your Next Adventure

Three travel apps that guarantee adventure

Still haven't booked a summer vacation?

Don't panic. An easy getaway doesn't require as much planning as you might think, thanks to a few new tools that help you travel well on the fly.

Getting There: If you like surprises, book your flight through GetGoing's "Pick Two, Get One" search option (free). The service asks for your credit card information and two destinations that you'd be happy visiting, then books whichever is cheaper. This close-your-eyes-and-point method locks in prices at as much as 40 percent lower than most other online options.

Scout the City: Launching in New York in August, TriplAgent (free) is like Spotify Radio for travel. You can search through lists created by "agents," aka tastemakers and creatives, of things to do, organized by interest and mood. Once you're back home, build your own list to send to friends. After its launch, the app will expand coverage to markets including San Francisco, Tokyo and London.

Hoof It: Download Cities Talking for a personalized tour-guide experience from your pocket. The app offers witty, informative walking tours ($7 each) in several major European destinations, and uses your GPS to cue audio commentary when you arrive at a place of note. Sure beats following the guy with the yellow visor and the umbrella around all day.