Summer Survival Guide 2013 From Tasting Table

Tasting Table's Summer Survival Guide

It's a summertime jungle out there. So map out how you're going to conquer the season's eating and drinking with Tasting Table's new Summer Survival Guide (download here for free). It's the ultimate playbook for warm-weather recipes, wine pairings, drinks, tools and entertaining tips. Summer 2013? Consider it won.

Solution: Master the classic deviled egg (above), then gussy it up with eight far-flung variations. Inspired snacks like Duck-Fat Chex Mix® and Vietnamese-style summer rolls will blow guests away.

Solution: Get the hang of our five essential grilling tips before adding sizzle to your next party with orange-and-cumin porterhouse steaks.

Solution: A blueprint for boozy slushies (above) will have you mixing and matching icy refreshments all summer long. Keep your cool with Strawberry Slushitos and rosé snow cones.

Solution: Dip it before you kick it, with perfectly balanced condiments like green-goddess guacamole, charred-pepper steak sauce (above) and no-fail mayonnaise.

Solution: Our summer entertaining toolbox (above) has everything you need for an outdoor adventure. Simply grab it and go.

Solution: Hack a plain old store-bought pint into five ridiculously easy desserts, such as an ice cream sandwich (above) and an effortless ice cream pie.