Food-Centric Podcasts Debut For The Foodies

Two new food-centric podcasts

We have a word or two for food lovers who can't stand to be without cookbooks, food porn or forks in their mouths: The food podcast genre is blooming like the rind on a stinky cheese.

These short digital segments cover fascinating culinary minutiae in brief, lighthearted ways–perfect for your commute or while dozing off at night ready to dream of future meals. Two of our favorite newcomers feature episodes on a broad range of themes, from apples to entertaining.

Talking With My Mouth Full: David Leite of the award-winning Leite's Culinaria tackles topics from the humorous (advice on not cooking naked) to the useful (the science behind cooking with alcohol). We discovered clever tips, including a recipe for an eggless cookie dough. Each podcast is like a mashup of a smart radio segment and a conversation with two of your wittiest, food-obsessed friends.

Table to Farm: More pragmatic is this new audio series, hosted by Slate Magazine. Each episode examines a food from a variety of angles, including history and flavor. A few recent topics: scallops, steak and frittatas. A standout episode on apples looks at the biology of apple trees and sparks a debate about the ideal apple crisp-to-ice cream ratio.