Daiquiri - The Anatomy Of A Cocktail

Sometimes the simplest is the best

The Daiquiri is one of the simplest drinks in the classic cocktail lexicon.

But the basic combination of rum, sugar and lime carries great weight: It is both an insider ritual and a measuring stick for the bartending community.

"The Daiquiri is a litmus test for how good a bartender is," says Troy Sidle, co-owner of New York's Pouring Ribbons. "When someone in the industry comes in my bar and orders a Daiquiri, it's often because he or she is sizing me up. I get nervous every time I make one."

Some bartenders hew strictly to the original bare-bones recipe; others give the Daiquiri new spins, whether by using untraditional ingredients or serving the drink over crushed ice. See our Anatomy of a Cocktail: Daiquiri, complete with the classic recipe and several inspired variations.

The Daiquiri is a drink worth perfecting at homeā€“if only to have a baseline by which to measure all future bartender encounters.