Shandy-Style Drinks Arrive In Miami - Food Trends

Shandy-style drinks have arrived in Miami

Seeing Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy hit stores is one of the signs of summer.

The refreshing, Wisconsin-brewed Leinenkugel's blends wheat ale and lemonade. Inhaling deeply before the first gulp is imperative: The beer's aroma alone suggests poolside lounging. Find it at Total Wine in cans or bottles.

For a homegrown variety, stop by Harry's Pizzeria and request a Shandy made with Michael's Genuine Home Brew ($7). The Design District spot adds house-made lemonade to its house beer, which is unmemorable on its own. But the citrus and sugar rise to Home Brew's semidry finish, balancing the flavors.

Harry's Shandy was a featured drink when the restaurant started its brunch service. Even though the drink is no longer on the menu, customers can still order the fizzy cocktail.

To make your own Shandy at home, try this recipe for the Mr. Hoopdriver ($12) by MC Kitchen's beverage director, Marcus Wade. 

Wade prefers to mix a hop-heavy beer with lemon soda. His choice is Dogfish Head's Rhizing Bines imperial IPA, brewed with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Wade's cocktail takes the palate from bitter to sweet, so he bridges the flavors with parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and cucumber.