Tasting Table Partners With Field Trip In Miami

Discover Miami's hidden gems with a new app

Miami life is certainly full of surprises.

Some are not welcome–like finding out that the South Beach street you parked on floods after 15 minutes of rain, or discovering that iguanas fall (unannounced) from trees in winter.

Field Trip, a free app, introduces a welcome serendipity to your daily routes. The location-based app alerts you as you drive, bike or walk past fascinating or quirky finds.

While you head home after a bite at Josh's Deli, Field Trip notifies you of the site of Jungle Inn on Indian Creek Drive, "a lonesome log house where alcohol was served and gambling took place" in 1921.

Say you find yourself hungry in Pinecrest. Use the app to discover Tasting Table's recommendations for notable nearby restaurants, like Del Sur.

Also, try Field Trip as you scout a new city or on your next road trip. Toggle settings to get fresh information on the subjects you are most fascinated with, including food and drink, nightlife and local history. The app includes dozens of national and hyper-local partners, like Tasting Table, Zagat, Art Nerd New York, Time Out and Atlas Obscura.

Surprises just became a whole lot more fun.