Tasting Table Partners With Field Trip In NYC

Explore New York in a new way with Field Trip

Our motto: Always be ready to find something tasty.

Field Trip, a new (free!) app from Google for iPhone and Android, is keen to help you do so.

Download it now to unleash endless opportunities for serendipitous discovery. Having Field Trip on your phone is like having a friend with you at all times who knows the city inside and out.

Tips, intel and suggestions are culled from Tasting Table and other publications, and the content is kept fresh with daily updates. The result: a comprehensive and constantly evolving New York City sourcebook.

You can either consult Field Trip when you arrive at a new destination, or let it ping you when you pass something great.

Wander the streets of New York, and you'll learn about nearby historic buildings, interesting tidbits on the area, off-the-beaten-path boutiques, hidden museums, notable points of interest and, most deliciously, places where you should duck in for a bite.

Grab your phone and prepare for adventure.