Tasting Table Partners With Field Trip In L.A.

We've partnered with Field Trip to make exploring L.A. even easier

Trying to remember the name of that cozy ramen joint in Silver Lake you read about, or that buzz-worthy French bakery in Beverly Hills?

Here at Tasting Table, we've partnered with Google's Field Trip to put all of our mouthwatering content directly at your fingertips.

Field Trip runs in the background of your smartphone (either Android or iOS), providing location-based information when and where you need it.

Whether you're a dedicated urban explorer or just looking for a new neighborhood haunt, this app equips you with the tools to sniff out those culinary gems hiding right under your nose.

Suggestions are tailored to your interests, evolving every time you rate a new business. Enjoyed the crispy Neapolitan pizza at Sotto? You also might want to check out Stella Barra in Santa Monica, or Olio Pizzeria on 3rd Street.

With helpful hints that will make you feel like a local wherever you travel, Field Trip is the best way to explore your city.

Now get out there and start your adventure.