Tasting Table Partners With Field Trip - San Francisco

A new app that wanders around San Francisco with you

You know how there's no better way to learn about a city than to walk around with a friend who knows it inside and out?

Field Trip, a new Google app available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, plays the same role.

You can either consult the when you arrive at a new destination or let it ping you when you pass something great.

Tasting Table has partnered with Field Trip to share our food and drinks suggestions with its users, so you'll find our recommendations alongside those from Arcadia Publishing, ScoutMob and others.

Meader through the Upper Haight and Cole Valley, for example, and you'll learn where the Grateful Dead's old house was, find out how to rent a bike, get word of upcoming concerts at Milk Bar–and, thanks to us, know where you should duck in for chilaquiles or pick up local hot sauces.

You may be so thankful for the advice, you'll want to buy Field Trip a beer at the end of the day.