The Best Ice Cream For A Miami Summer - Food Trends

Miami's best new ice cream flavors

You should have a body of water, a chilled beverage or an icy treat handy if you are going to be outside in Miami after Memorial Day weekend.

You're in luck. We have scouted some of Miami's newer ice cream spots to find the tastiest ice cream flavors:

Chill-N Ice Cream Stop churns silky liquid nitrogen ice cream with retrofitted mixers. Our favorite flavor, Biscotti-and-Cinnamon-Toast-Crunch ($4.50), evokes cookies paired with the freshest, coldest milk. But "biscotti" is a misnomer: Chill-N actually uses Biscoff Spread, derived from the Belgian cinnamon cookies (or speculoos), a beloved airline snack.

The flavors at Quarterman's in Downtown are mostly quotidian–with a stunning exception. Guava-cheesecake ice cream manifests all of the tanginess of the tropical fruit ($4 for one scoop). The most satisfying way to eat it: sandwiched between two slabs of pound cake ($5).

On sweltering days when you cannot bear to leave the house, let the frozen treats come to you. Alicia Perez delivers her Best Ice Cream in Miami ?products. She uses fruits from a friend's grove in Homestead to make "Cuba", mamey ice cream with a splendid buttermilk tang. The price ($5 for 5 ounces) includes delivery, and Perez offers a buy-three-get-one-free deal for her treats.