Mason Jars Get Creative

Canning is just the beginning

The Mason jar has always held an important spot in our kitchen. But we had no idea of its full potential until recently, when some enterprising new versions of this old classic came into our midst.

Portland Press: The Portland, Oregon-based design firm Bucket has reimagined the French press in a sustainable, less breakable manner. Using a Mason jar and a wood-topped plunger, the press comes with a lifetime warranty ($99).

Mason Shaker: A custom perforated cocktail spout turns the Mason jar into an efficient cocktail shaker ($29). W&P Designs, the Brooklyn-based company that makes the shakers, has just expanded its line to include a canvas cocktail bag ($279) that comes with a Mason shaker, a jigger, a muddler and linens.

reCap Mason Jar: These drip-free lids ($7) are so brilliantly simple and useful, we can't believe they're a recent invention. Featuring spouts with stoppers, they relieve the Mason jar of its two-part canning lid, transforming it into a thermos, a water bottle, or a vessel for salad dressing or syrup.