Cooking Apps Are The Latest Food Trend

With the cookbook deluge of modern times, it takes a lot to stand out. More and more, that means turning to digital platforms, either as a companion to a traditional print cookbook, or in lieu of one altogether. Here are three new downloads to consider:

DIY Pizza Pie: Mark Bello has taught scores of pizza lovers how to make pie at his New York City school, Pizza a Casa. Now, for those who can't make it to a class, he's created this app ($5). You'll find humorous instructional videos and thoughtful troubleshooting tips for the perfect crust, sauce and toppings.

Lark: When John Sundstrom, chef of Lark in Seattle, decided that he wanted to write a cookbook, he chose to self-publish, funding the venture with a Kickstarter campaign. As a companion to his book, Lark, he built a corresponding app ($5) that features recipes, of course, and chef-driven tips (on foraging, for example), illustrated with gorgeous photography and videos. 

My Culinary Encyclopedia: The ambitious home cook should consider this pricey entry ($35) from culinary heavyweight Alain Ducasse. With numerous videos shot from a bird's-eye vantage point, those seeking to perfect classic technique and plating will gain some valuable insight.