OTB Offers Delicious Cocktails In South Williamsburg

OTB is a prizewinner of a bar

OTB–and its drinks–sneak up on you.

Located in South Williamsburg, the new bar shares space with the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge's pylons, and somehow makes a horse-racing theme work.

The bifurcated cocktail menu here practically demands that you drink in increments of two.

If, for example, one tries the classic Queens Park Swizzle, with mint, lime juice, rum, and a double hit of bitters swirled over a drift of crushed ice, it would be negligent to ignore its twisted modern sister, the Staycation. Careful: She may be breezily layered with zones of mezcal, rye, fresh blood orange juice, raspberry syrup and bitters, but she's a whale of a cocktail.

All drinks here are a very reasonable $10, leaving room to crowd the table with food courtesy of Momofuku Ssäm Bar veteran Sam Glinn. The fried Sicilian capers in the Caesar salad ($8) are a dandy touch, but heavy drinking calls for a flurry of fried baby shrimp ($10), and a plate of chicken wings speckled with mustard seeds and bits of grilled lemon ($8).

Like the cocktails, there's a choice between duos when it comes to the wings–pick from fried or grilled; spicy or mild.

Thankfully, there's always the option of double-fisting.