Kickstand Launches Cold-Brew Tea

Kickstand Coffee goes for the tea bag

The cold-brew method has received a zealous embrace from the coffee-drinking community; now tea drinkers are waiting with open arms.

Kickstand, a bicoastal pioneer of bottled cold-brew coffee, has now expanded its line to include coffee's morning cohost.

Founder Aaron Davis was inspired to explore tea on behalf of his brother, who doesn't drink coffee. After tinkering with a few different tea blends and various extraction times using the same cold-brew process he uses for coffee, Davis landed on an Indian black tea ($20 for 32 ounces of concentrate). To reach his desired level of concentrated flavor, he steeps the tea for double the time as he does coffee, up to 36 hours.

The resulting liquid is viscous, and powerfully flavored with sharp tannins and notes of plum. Dilute it 1:1 with water over ice for one of the better glasses of iced tea we've ever had. Or use it in cocktails: Mixed with equal parts vodka and lemonade, it makes a dangerous spiked Arnold Palmer.

Iced coffee had better watch its back.