Kopi Kopi's Indonesian Coffee - NYC

Kopi Kopi brings a little bit of Indonesia to Greenwich Village

Elizabeth Lapadula's son and husband both made their mark on Greenwich Village when they attended NYU.

Now the Indonesia-born Lapadula is doing the same, albeit with bags of coffee instead of stacks of books, at her new café, Kopi Kopi.

Lapadula works directly with farmers on Indonesia's 18,000 islands to source raw coffee beans, which are then roasted in New York.

There's espresso ($2.50) and cappuccino ($3.75), and brewed coffee ($3.75) made on Lapadula's new Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewing system, of which there are fewer than 50 in the world. Each drink is swell, but her import of one of her favorite childhood treats truly perked us up.

The es alpukat ($7), a traditional coffee-avocado shake, is made with half a ripe avocado, a shot of espresso, vanilla simple syrup, sweetened condensed milk and a smattering of chocolate.

It's at once a thirst slaker, an upper and a snack.

Lapadula's es alpukat is available with the ingredients picturesquely layered one on top of another, or blended together; we prefer the latter option. Blended, the avocado is all body and creaminess, offbeat at first sip, but surpassingly delightful by the last.