Bottled Cocktails In L.A. - Food Trends

The latest trend in L.A. cocktails is tightly sealed

Bottle service isn't only for nightclubs anymore.

Many of L.A.'s top bars are now sealing their creations inside glass, which means a top-notch cocktail is a crack of the bottle opener away.

Beverly Hills' Sotto recently debuted Sotto Pops, pre-made cocktails formulated from carbonated Italian liqueurs. Sotto's barmen Julian Cox and Nick Meyer have created such tickling delights as "Amaro Never Dies" ($9), a combination of Amaro Abano, Luxardo maraschino syrup, and evaporated cane sugar.

The concoctions are a win-win for bartenders and imbibers: Drinks are pre-measured and pre-made, meaning that it takes less time to serve your drink. The trend also allows neighborhood restaurants to easily beef up their cocktail programs.

Cox had a hand in the drinks at Circa in Manhattan Beach, too, where his "Richard Pryor" ($9), a bottled version of the Cuba Libre accented with smoked Coke, is a crowd-pleaser.

Over at Pasadena's 1886 bar, helmed by Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest, the bottling program has reached a master's level. Try the "A Coke and a Smile" ($14), a throwback to the days of the egg-cream phosphate made with rye whiskey, Fernet Branca Menta, Galliano Ristretto, a whole egg and Coca-Cola, all served in a retro bottle.

Unfortunately, these drinks don't come in six-packs.