Eastwood And The Chip Shop At Eastwood - NYC

Eastwood is all we want in a bar

Chances are you would never happen on Eastwood in the far eastern nether parts of the Lower, Lower East Side.

But you should. Think of the spot as either a convivial bar with a postage-stamp-size fish-and-chips shop, or a wee fish-and-chips destination where you can also procure a pint.

It's all about your perspective: Eastwood and the Chip Shop at Eastwood occupy two addresses (221 East Broadway and 200 Clinton Street, respectively) but the pair function like conjoined twins.

Here's how to max out your fried-fish and drinking pleasure:

First step: Order a Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. Black Duck Porter ($7) or a glass of Gotham Project Tempranillo ($10), rosé ($10) or Hans & Franz Grüner ($8)–all on tap and by the glass.

Second: With drink in hand, stroll to the window linking the bar with the chip shop. The Israeli Scotch egg ($4) ensconced in a falafel crust is decent, but the bright star is the fried-fish sandwich ($12), served on Pain d'Avignon brioche and tamped with tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato.

And finally: Plop down on one of the slatted oak benches and wait for your order to be delivered to the tables painted with backgammon and chess boards. Eat; drink; repeat.