Modern Farmer Magazine Review

A new magazine and store celebrating all things agrarian

For as much mention as there is about local food in mainstream food publications, little of it goes into depth on the actual process of creation–farming.

With the inaugural issue of Modern Farmer, that's about to change. Headed up by an alum of the New York Times Magazine and Monocle, the quarterly publication aims to cover issues surrounding the origins of food, whether raised in rural or urban settings, on family or industrial farms.

Take note: This is not an empty mission held afloat by bucolic photo spreads. To provide substantive commentary, the team has enlisted some major journalistic talent. In the first issue ($8), which is available now at newsstands and specialty food stores, writers with credits at the Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones and the San Francisco Chronicle, to name a few, tackle topics like a rampant wild boar epidemic, organic farming in the highly polluted city of Shanghai, the state of American slaughterhouses, and planting a four-season vegetable farm in your backyard.

Time to get your hands dirty.