Explore Baja Wine Country

Exploring Baja wine country has never been easier

Thinking of a weekend wine trip to Temecula?

Consider driving an extra hour south to explore the burgeoning Baja wine scene that has everyone buzzing, from Anthony Bourdain to The Wall Street Journal.

Boutique wineries have been flourishing for years in the Valle de Guadalupe, an area located just east of Ensenada that now holds more than 50 vineyards. Upstart winemakers have embraced biodynamic wine practices and eco-conscious architecture to create wineries whose products complement the sweeping mountain vistas that surround them.

But even the most ardent traveler might find it difficult to navigate these hidden gems, which is why Club Tengo Hambre, a Southern California based tour company, is now offering single-day tours ($155) of the valley's newest wineries running every month.

After crossing the border at Tijuana, your day might include a visit to Los Nubes, a castle-like hilltop winery known for its delicate red blends of old-world vines like Tempranillo, Syrah and Grenache; or Alximia, a winery founded by a former mathematician whose refreshing rosé, tinted with a bit of residual sugar, is refreshingly unique.

You can also buy many of these wines at WinesfromBaja.com. But let's face it: The voyage is half the fun.