Off-The-Menu Staff Cocktails - San Francisco

What do restaurant staff drink off-duty?

Restaurant-industry pros know how, where and what to drink. While a shot and a beer is a favorite combination after a long shift, every once in a while, a cocktail is in order. You will not find these staff favorites listed on any menu, however; you'll need to ask for them.

The Tequila Negroni at Lolinda ($10): Lolinda's bartenders mix a classic Negroni, with Campari and sweet vermouth. For an off-menu twist, they swap gin for tequila, creating a well-balanced and slightly smoky variation.

The Moonraker at Bar Agricole ($12): Bartenders weary of pouring shots of Fernet head to SoMa and ask for this digestif. A blend of armagnac, Leopold Bros. peach whiskey, Cocchi Americano and absinthe, the Moonraker has notes of stone fruits and apple, complemented by hints of herbaceousness. Take heed: This spirituous cocktail is not for the faint of liver.

The Roman Michelada at Locanda ($12): For an Italian take on the traditional Mexican beer-and-tomato sipper, Locanda's bartenders mix cold Peroni, Campari and lime juice for a libation that the line cooks have adopted as their staff drink. Served with a salted rim, the drink is citrusy, refreshingly bitter and subtly sweet. Find the recipe here.