Almond Milk Delivered To Your Doorstep - Food Trends

Getting your nondairy fix has never been easier

Fresh milk delivered to your doorstep?

It might sound like something out of a 1950s suburb, but that's exactly how modern Angelenos are now getting their fix of creamy goodness.

Only these days, the milk isn't coming from a cow.

Venice-based Mylkman, which launched in 2011, specializes in bottles of raw coconut-almond milk, made with freshly cracked Thai coconuts and organic almonds from Italy.

It's a truly ambrosial liquid: slightly sweet, perfectly smooth and a tad buttery. We hesitate to say so, but it might be better than dairy milk.

Owner Jeff Leaf will home-deliver to just about anywhere in L.A. County, provided you meet the two-bottle minimum ($14 for a 32oz bottle).

Another vendor, Almond Milk L.A., a new local producer that gained notoriety after being picked up by Lindy & Grundy Butcher Shop, delivers as well. Both unsweetened and honey-flavored almond milks are brewed in small batches and sealed in retro glass jars ($16 for a 32oz bottle).

If you're willing to pick up your own milk, swing by Pulse Café in Santa Monica, which stocks 15 varieties available to go ($4 to $6 for a 16oz bottle), made from everything from quinoa to walnuts to chia seeds.

And to think, the only decision used to be 2 percent or whole.