Bartending Schools Get A Fresh Start - Drink Trends

A learning resource for the cocktail-minded

Bartending schools are typically known for teaching long pours of prepackaged sour mix and Rose's Lime Juice.

There is one grand exception: the Beverage Alcohol Resource (B.A.R.) certification programs, each so rigorous that most industry veterans worth their salt swear by them.

The five-day program ($3,750), conceived by drinking monarchs Dale DeGroff, Steve Olsen, David Wondrich, F. Paul Pacult, Andy Seymour and Doug Frost, is comprehensive and geared toward professionals.

But now that same dream team has smartly introduced DrinkSkool, a free online database of the lessons in abridged form. From the very first article, the site offers enough knowledge to successfully stray from the recipe book and mix the contents of your liquor cabinet without hesitation. DrinkSkool also offers technique videos, spirit histories and how to properly taste.

We've been taking in the site piecemeal, exploring sections in discrete bites. But for those who want a simulation of the original B.A.R. program, you can set up a log-in and take online exams by emailing the administrators.

School has never been more fun.